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Wine Country Bikes is truly a regional touring company; our entire operation is based out of our Touring Center located in the town of Healdsburg in northern Sonoma County and we offer tours only in Sonoma and Napa Counties. We believe this is one of the reasons touring with us is a special experience; we live and ride here and have the extensive and current knowledge of the roads, routes, wineries and attractions in the area, that only locals can possess.

Our "One of a Kind"

Bicycle Touring Center

is located in the beautiful town of Healdsburg, CA

 It’s the perfect place to start your California Bike Tour and a great resource for you during your stay:

 Meet Our Staff:

 Joe Lala

 Joe is a Healdsburg native who fell in love with bikes at a very young age. By the time he was 14 he was working in the local bike shop and by the time he joined the team at Wine Country Bikes he had 10 years experience spinning wrenches. His meticulous attention to details and sense of ownership of our rental fleet is the reason so many guests return from their rides and exclaim, “This bike rides so much better than the one I have at home!” When he’s not working as our equipment manager, he’s often off mountain biking and trail building in the hills around town.

John Mastrianni

John has spent over 30 years in the bike business and held every job imaginable; from bike assembler to mechanic and service manager to shop owner.  When he wasn't selling and servicing bikes he was riding them: racing on the pro circuit, touring in Europe- he even spent a year working as a bike messenger in NYC.  One thing that all this experience has taught him is that the secret to a wonderful ride is often in the details.  A clean smooth running bike, a well chosen route, the right attitude and a great lunch all add up to a fantastic trip.

Jay Delaney

Jay has been leading tours for us for over 5 years and for his own clients for many years before that.  He is an avid cyclist, hiker and wine connoisseur.  If you want to know where to get a great deal on killer Pinot, or who used to own a particular winery and why they sold it for a song, Jay usually knows.

 Taylor Lampson

Taylor is the owner/operator of Meadow Song Farm an organic farm in the town of Sebastopol.  He is also an avid cyclist and delivers much of the 20,000 bunches and 2,000 pounds of produce he produces each year by bike.  When he’s not working the land he leads our Organic Farms Bike Tour here in the Dry Creek Valley and helps us out around the Touring Center.

Heather Mastrianni

Heather’s career as a Professional Cyclist took her from Canada to Europe, then throughout the US and finally here to California.  Since her time winning major European and American Bike Races, her passion has changed into a love of anything outdoors.  When she's not working or designing our space here at Wine County Bikes she’s running, hiking or biking to every remote corner of Sonoma County she can get to- which in addition to being incredibly beautiful, has brought her into close contact with many of our wild friends.  In the last year, just a few of them she has seen (all within about 20 miles of Healdsburg) are: Golden Eagles, Bald Eagles, Owl, Coyotes, Fox, Bob Cat, Mountain Lion, Skunk and Porcupine.  It's not just Wine Country!

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